Welcome to the new Announcements & Events page. 2018 was a busy year with not one, but three separate events celebrating Richard Schmid's art, mentorship, and the 20th anniversary of ALLA PRIMA and ALLA PRIMA II. 2019 brings yet another publishing anniversary. This year we are celebrating the 15th anniversary of THE LANDSCAPES. We are also looking forward to the upcoming release of Richard Schmid's 7th book MY STILL LIFE PAINTINGS. For more information about Richard's latest book, please sign up for our new newsletter. As we get closer to going to press this summer, you'll receive updates, pre-order information and previews. Click here to subscribe.

the landscapes 10th anniversary


It's been 10 years since the first copy of THE LANDSCAPES came of the press. THE LANDSCAPES is a visual tale of an artist and his life-long romance with the colors and light of our earth. With delightfully candid narrative and over 300 full color images, Richard reveals what it is like to go out and capture life as it is happening. Readers of this beautiful, large format book, discover how landscape painting is unlike any other form of art; and that artistic skill is only one of the many abilities demanded.

Richard Schmid was honored to have the forward for THE LANDSCAPES written by Richard Ormond, great grand nephew of non-other than John Singer Sargent. The two gentlemen first met in 2000 at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City where Mr. Ormond presented Richard with the American Society of Artists Lifetime Achievement Award. We are excited to celebrate the success of this exceptional book with our readers this year.

alla prima 20th anniversary

In September 2018, West Wind Fine Art hosted a spectacular tribute to Richard Schmid in celebration of the 20th anniversary of ALLA PRIMA. The exhibition, curated by Kristen Thies,featured paintings by Richard Schmid, Richard's wife Nancy Guzik, Kathy Anderson, Scott Burdick, Stephanie Birdsall, Michelle Dunaway, Daniel J. Keys, Susan Lyon and Kristen's late husband Timothy R. Thies. In addition to the exhibition's opening reception, attendees enjoyed a Richard Schmid film festival, a panel discussion, and live painting demonstration and digital lecture show by Daniel J. Keys. Sponsors included West Wind Fine Art , Stove Prairie Press, The K.T. Wiedemann Foundation, Inc., American Art Collector and Rosemary Brushes, Inc.