Richar Schmid and his grandson Ian on press for the first Alla Prima II printingStove Prairie Press®
A Richard Schmid Publishing Company

The Art of Publishing

There is this wonderful place on earth, nestled away in the foothills of the great Rockie Mountains named the Roosevelt National Forest. It is a magical place. It is filled with cowboys, carpenters, scientists, artists, writers, ranchers, abundant wildlife, wildfires, dry dirt, big rocks, tall trees and creeks that turn into raging rivers when it rains. It is a place that is both quietly and dramatically beautiful. Some of the finest people I know live there. During the 1990's, it was home to my father, Richard Schmid. He lived off a quiet mountain drive called Stove Prairie Road. When he was not painting the people and places around him, he was writing a very special book relaying everything he knew about painting - Alla Prima ~ Everything I Know About Painting.

In 1998, after 15 years of preparation, Richard was finally ready to share his painting book with the world. One problem: the big publishing houses did not want to touch Alla Prima with a ten foot pole. They did not think his audience was big enough to turn a profit. They just did not get it. But, Richard was a man on a mission. He did not write Alla Prima to make a publishing house rich. He wrote Alla Prima to give back to the community that had given him so much throughout his life. This was his opportunity to pay it forward. In his words, "I have always felt I was a custodian of this knowledge rather than its owner. Painting has been my dearest friend for almost 50 years now. My skills and the freedom to use them are the most precious gifts I have. They opened up a world that few others ever have the opportunity of experiencing. I hope that this book will help open the door to that world for you as well. Godspeed." With those words, Stove Prairie Press was born. Richard's newly formed independent publishing company became the vehicle to launch Alla Prima - Everything I know about painting, by Richard Schmid.

Thanks to the tremendous success of Alla Prima, Stove Prairie Press® has added five additional books, nine DVD's and 26 limited edition lithographs to the repertoire of Schmid publications. Stove Prairie Press® proudly supports American Industry for production, and we ship worldwide. Three simple but powerful concepts drive the company: promote excellence in art, place the customer above the company and make it in America.

After 16 years and 13 printings, Alla Prima was retired and replaced with Alla Prima II - The Expanded Edition, a major revised and expanded edition of the original Alla Prima. Once again, the success Alla Prima II exceeded all expectations prompting a second printing one week after its official launch. Apparently, there was an audience for this stuff after all.

In 2007, I was brought on board with Stove Prairie Press. My name is Molly Schmid. I am an artist, a businesswoman and Richard's third daughter. I am the CEO and Managing Director of Operations. I hold a degree in Fine Art and have been involved in the business community for over 27 years. Stove Prairie Press is a family company, and no matter how many units of books or other products we sell, our primary mission is to be in service to our customers. You are not a number. You are an individual with your own special story.

Richard and I are truly moved and inspired by the people who make up and support the art community. I'd like to take this opportunity to express my heartfelt gratitude to all those who have supported us through the years. It is a pleasure to be of service to this great family of artist, students and art lovers.

Best regards,
Molly Schmid