The Landscapes - Enhanced Edition, Hardcover+ 2 DVD Set
The Landscapes - Enhanced Edition + 2 DVD Set by Richard Schmid

THE LANDSCAPES - Enhanced Edition + 2 DVD SET
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By Richard Schmid
Book forward by art historian Richard Ormond

This special set includes:
  • The landmark Hardcover book The Landscapes - Enhanced Edition
  • Sequential Sketches with bonus feature film Secret Squint
  • An instruction DVD of your choice (choose from 5 different titles)

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    THE LANDSCAPES-Enhanced Edition + DVD SET
    By Richard Schmid
    Book forward by Art Historian Richard Ormond

    This special set includes:
  • The landmark Hardcover book The Landscapes -Enhances Edition
  • Sequential Sketches with bonus feature film Secret Squint
  • An instruction DVD of your choice (choose from 5)

  • The landmark, large-format book, The Landscapes-Enhanced Edition, shares Richard Schmid's fifty-year path from youthful painter to seasoned artist. This book is a stunning visual tale of Schmid's lifelong romance with the colors and light of our earth. With a delightfully candid narrative and over 300 full-color images, Richard reveals what it is like to go out and capture life as it is happening. Discover how landscape painting is unlike any other form of art; and how artistic skill is only one of the many abilities demanded.

    Sequential Sketches features 70 sequential sketches by Richard Schmid presented as a slide show at Landmark College in Putney, Vermont, in October 2005. The images reveal the process of painting from start to finish and insight into the artist's thinking through his narration. This DVD comes with the bonus feature film Secret Squint, the charming tale of a young artist (Richard at the age of 30) who discovers the magical power to create paintings using his secret squint.


    • November—number one in the landscape series (plein air)—is the first in a four-part series of landscape instruction videos addressing the various aspects and unique challenges of painting en plein air. Working in the freezing temperatures and intermittent snowfalls of Vermont's early winter, Richard delivers his painting techniques with a great sense of humor as he deals with the elements. Special features include a Q&A session and a gallery of Richard Schmid's landscape paintings.
    • June—number two in the landscape series (plein air)—features two painting instruction sessions. The first begins with a very intense morning session of bright outdoor painting from life. The second session continues in Richard's studio with an aesthetic and technical analysis of the morning's work. It soon develops into a fascinating tour de force of palette knife and transparent wash painting combined.
    • May—number three in the landscape series (plein air)—join Richard and friends as he deals with the task of painting with bright sunlight on his canvas. He then takes us to his studio to finish his painting. Along the way, enjoy and learn as the artist leads us through the landscape painting process with technical expertise, artistic virtuosity, and thoughtful philosophy.
    • White Pinenumber four in the landscape series (excellent for artists working from photographs) - the final installment in the four-part landscape instruction series, explores the use of modern technology and photos in painting. Richard demonstrates in detail the advantages of using a computer instead of older methods. Richard Schmid explains color harmony, design, edges, and values as he paints. He demonstrates how he departs from the photograph then borrows elements from other images to reach his goal.
    • Captain's Portrait - Live Portrait Demonstration - an instruction video demonstrating the challenges of Alla Prima portrait painting. Filmed live before an audience of 300 spectators, Richard starts the demo as a beautiful monochrome rendering that ultimately evolves into a stunning full-color bravura portrait. Throughout the process, Richard narrates with kindly wit and a wealth of knowledge. A live Q&A session answers common questions and offers a genuinely inspirational closing.